Moulds and shapes around the contours of a parastomal hernia providing a secure, leak-free fit .

• Unique flange can be fully inverted to adapt to any body profile

• Skin-friendly Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange contains medical grade Manuka honey

• Mouldable flange can also be a solution for dips, moats, scars or creases

• Range of pouch and inverted plateau sizes including new 60mm

Available for Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy

On Demand Webinar: Everything You Want To Know About Parastomal Hernias

Why Choose Aura Profile?


  • Contains medical grade Manuka honey which may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma
  • Easy2peel™ tab supports the smooth removal of the flange, reducing skin trauma
  • Super soft and water-repellent cover provides exceptional comfort, even during extended wear
  • Integrated belt loops and soft adjustable belt for additional security  

Optimal Fit

  • Moulds around parastomal hernia contours at body temperature 
  • Can also be used for peristomal irregularities such as dips, scars, creases or folds
  • Split-back cover provides easier pouch positioning and output monitoring
  • Available in a range of pouch and inverted plateau sizes including new 60mm   

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