Moulds and shapes around the contours of a parastomal hernia providing a secure, leak-free fit .

• Unique flange can be fully inverted to adapt to any body profile

• Skin-friendly Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange contains medical grade Manuka honey

• Mouldable flange can also be a solution for dips, moats, scars or creases

• Range of pouch and inverted plateau sizes including new 60mm

Available for Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy

On Demand Webinar: Everything You Want To Know About Parastomal Hernias

Pilates Exercises with Jo Tuffrey

Frequently Asked Questions About Hernias

There were so many questions during the event that not all of them could be answered at the time but our panel will be responding to unanswered questions through our social media channels shortly.

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Why Choose Aura Profile?


  • Contains medical grade Manuka honey which may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma
  • Easy2peel™ tab supports the smooth removal of the flange, reducing skin trauma
  • Super soft and water-repellent cover provides exceptional comfort, even during extended wear
  • Integrated belt loops and soft adjustable belt for additional security  

Optimal Fit

  • Moulds around parastomal hernia contours at body temperature 
  • Can also be used for peristomal irregularities such as dips, scars, creases or folds
  • Split-back cover provides easier pouch positioning and output monitoring
  • Available in a range of pouch and inverted plateau sizes including new 60mm